The Conquest texture pack is perhaps the best realistic texture pack in the rustic, medieval-themed genre. It utterly transforms the game into something almost unrecognizable: its incredibly detailed textures, dark color pallet and realistic designs almost make Minecraft feel more akin to Skyrim than the bright blocky game we’re all used to. It also features 3D block models, connected textures, and texture variation – all effective tricks to make the game feel more natural and less blocky. This is probably the most effective use of connected textures and texture variation we’ve ever seen – you often cannot distinguish between individual blocks, and textures miraculously connect to form larger and more complex patterns than would otherwise be possible.

The Conquest texture pack (technically officially called “Conquest_”) was based on an old and legendary pack called John Smith Legacy. The two have a similar aesthetic, but Conquest is more fully-featured, with many additions such as the connected textures and 3D block models. Conquest was also used as the base for the popular Conquest Reforged mod – one of the most fully-featured and transformative mods out there. The mod is certainly worth a try if that’s what you’re into – but even this texture pack alone is transformative.

This pack is, in many ways, comparable to another outstanding realistic texture pack – Patrix. Which one is better is an impossible question to answer, as they both have their own pros and cons. Patrix features outstanding bump and depth mapping, so if you’re using it with a shader, Patrix has the edge. On the other hand, since Patrix is specifically built for use with shaders, it means that without shaders it will lack a few things such as a water texture. Patrix’s color pallet keeps more in line with default, while Conquest opts for a darker, moodier look. Conquest also has mob textures, while Patrix doesn’t. However, they’re both excellent in their own right.

The contrasty and dark look of Conquest isn’t suited for all purposes – but for rustic, natural, or medieval-type builds, it really is a perfect fit. To get the full effect, you’ll need to use the pack with Optifine. This is a fantastic texture pack, and comes highly recommended.

Conquest supports Minecraft Java Edition versions up to 1.18.


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