The Epic Adventures texture pack is another great contender in the increasingly popular category of 32x semi-realistic packs. By many metrics, this category of packs could be considered ideal, as it greatly increases realism and detail in textures while maintaining the pixelated, fantasy look that is so central to Minecraft; it’s essentially the best of both worlds. In addition, 32x packs are still easy to run even on low-powered machines. Epic Adventures is the perfect example of these benefits in action, with finely crafted textures that are simultaneously distantly Minecraft-y and realistic. This pack goes for a more naturalistic, rustic and dark style, which suits Minecraft well, and makes the game much more atmospheric. The immersive and atmospheric nature of this texture pack is amplified by the 3D leaf blocks and custom sky (when used with Optifine), which take the immersion to a level usually only seen on ultra-realistic HD packs. A very nice touch.

Overall, this texture pack excels in a number of ways, and has broad appeal due to its balanced approach. This makes it a great alternative to Faithful-style texture packs, but also an alternative for more realistic packs. It’s worth noting that the pack is still a work in progress, but enough textures are already present that it doesn’t detract from the experience – so this is a highly recommended pack.

Epic Adventures supports Minecraft Java versions ranging from 1.12 to 1.17.


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