Kelly’s Vanilla RTX Conversion is the free add-on that Minecraft with RTX should have had to begin with. When the advanced raytraced shaders were added to the Bedrock platform, Mojang made the odd decision to limit the use of this feature to use with third-party texture packs – meaning that by default, you cannot play Raytraced Minecraft with the default textures. Luckily for RTX users, however, MCPEDL user KellyTheDerg has done this important work for Mojang, by converting the default textures we all know and love to support RTX.

Playing with Kelly’s Vanilla RTX Conversion pack feels as if you’re playing the game how Microsoft intended when they added RTX. The base textures were not modified at all, save for the addition of height, emissive, roughness, and metalness map – thus allowing for 3D tangible-looking textures that fit right in with the advanced graphics that RTX allows for. These are very high quality – they add nice depth, while also being subtle enough that it still feels like the vanilla experience.

It goes without saying that you need an RTX-capable system to use this pack – this does not add RTX to systems that can’t already run it. But if you’ve been wanting to play RTX Minecraft the way Mojang (probably should have) intended, then this is the perfect pack for you.

Kelly’s Minecraft Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack supports Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It is available to download for free, in addition to various add-on packs. Add-on packs must be applied above the base pack to work properly.


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