Lithos is a fantastic general-use texture pack, perfectly suited to just about any purpose. It’s a part of the very popular double-resolution default-inspired segment of texture packs – but Lithos manages to stand out amongst its competitors for daring to stray from the default look much more than others. It still feels familiar when coming from default – you certainly won’t be mistaking any blocks, and the color pallet is overall very familiar. However, unlike Faithful and various others, it adds its own unmistakable flair to the default look rather than being a straight upscale, and many textures will be distinctly new. This means it won’t be boring: it will freshen up the look of the game, without changing things too drastically.

This texture pack, however, does more than simply adding resolution. It somehow manages to both add detail thanks to its increased resolution, while also giving the game a cleaner look. This is accomplished through smooth, low-contrast textures and a light color pallet. This combination of factors means that Lithos is perhaps of the best options for playing in Survival mode, where you don’t want to be distracted by over-the-top graphics. It’s subtle, refined, and doesn’t get in the way. As such, it comes as one of our top recommendations for general use.

Lithos supports Minecraft Java versions up to 1.18, and also has a Bedrock version available for purchase.

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