Misa’s Realistic is one of the best ways to make Minecraft life-like and high definition – especially if you like a grungy look, well suited for medieval or rustic builds. This has been true for over a decade – Misa’s Realistic is a very old pack which, amazingly, is still receiving regular updates – all this time being one of the leading HD packs. It has a 64x resolution – an interesting midde-ground between the more common 32x resolution and the very high resolution 128x+ packs. At this resolution, pixels are still visible but not very prominent. This does mean that it’s not too intensive to run – which is especially important given all the beautiful (if graphically intensive) tricks it uses to look even better, including connected textures, texture variation, and bump/specular maps when used with shaders.

While there are many texture packs that attempt to be realistic, most only change a handful of blocks and items, leading to an inconsistent look where many textures are left unchanged. Misa’s Realistic is one of the few of its kind to change almost everything – from all blocks, to almost all items, to the interface, and even to entities (which is especially rare for for this type of pack). This gives it an immersive quality that few other packs can compete with.

Of course, realism is a relative term when it comes to Minecraft – some find the look of high resolution textures on simple geometry to be creepy or unsettling, especially when it comes to entities. Misa’s Realistic is no exception, but there’s really no way around it if you want a complete HD experience. It’s a love-it-or-hate-it type of aesthetic – but if it is what you like, Misa’s is one of your best bets.

The other major alternative would be Patrix. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages: Patrix has arguably a more cohesive and subdued look, with a more vanilla color pallet – better suited for a wider range of situations. It also has extras such as 3D blocks and foliage. On the other hand, Misa’s Realistic includes GUI and entity textures while Patrix doesn’t – and it also can be used without shaders, while Patrix is really designed with shaders in mind. Patrix has more resolution options than Misa, which only has a 64x version – but the only free version of Patrix is 32x. So, which is better is down to your personal preference. Both are fantastic packs which come highly recommended.

Misa’s Realistic is available for Minecraft Java versions 1.16-1.18, and is recommend to be used with Optifine.


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