R3D Craft is another classic realistic resource pack, and a favorite of many for its blend of extreme realism while also staying faithful to the original game. It does this, not by upscaling and adding detail to the original texture pack, but instead by creating entirely new, high quality textures with the originals in mind. The result is a cohesive blend between the best aspects of various other packs.

Another area which this texture pack excels is in shader support, with high quality depth and specular maps. This is a must-have for high definition realistic packs, so it’s good to see it implemented so well here. If you are using shaders, you may want to consider one of the higher resolution versions – the pack comes in resolutions ranging from 32x all the way to 512x, with the tradeoff being performance. You can experiment around to find what resolution works best for your computer.

A logical comparison could be made to the Realistico texture pack, which has many similar goals in mind, and results in a very similar style. The two packs take a slightly different approach, however, in that R3D Craft follows the same general patterns and colors of default textures, but changes the fine details and nuances of the blocks. Realistico, on the other hand, maintains the block-for-block details of the original game, but simply adds to them. Both techniques result in great looking packs, and there’s really no right answer here – you can decide for yourself which suits your own personal preference.

Unfortunately, another similarity it has to Realistico is that it has stopped receiving updates for more recent Minecraft versions. It currently only goes up to Minecraft 1.12. This is likely the biggest downfall of this pack – but if you play on that version anyway, or don’t mind some missing textures, then R3D Craft is a fantastic option.

R3D Craft supports Minecraft Java versions ranging from 1.10 to 1.12, with resolutions ranging from 32x to 512x.

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