The Umsoea resource pack takes the concept of what a texture pack can be – and flips it on its head. First and foremost, the intent of this pack is to push the capability of path-traced shaders (specifically SEUS PTGI, as recommended by the creator) to their absolute limit. It accomplishes this through photorealistic textures and normal maps, complex 3D block models, and intersecting textures – all in combination with the stunning SEUS shaders. Umsoea manages to bring individual blocks to a level of realism seen nowhere else. But in doing so, limits its use to very specific situations.

This texture pack is fundamentally not designed for use in normal Minecraft gameplay – as it selects only a handful of blocks to change, and is very intensive to run. Instead, this texture pack is designed for those who have a passion for graphics and architecture, and who simply want to take beautiful screenshots or enjoy what modern game engines can do. Think of this texture pack as more of an architecture simulator than an addition to normal Minecraft. The pack comes in a free 512x variant, with higher resolution options available on the creator’s Patreon.

All in all, this really isn’t a texture pack suited for most players; but, if you’re someone who loves creating Minecraft cinematic videos or screenshots (and have a computer that can handle it), then this texture pack is the best of the best – and comes highly recommended for its specific use cases.

Umsoea supports Minecraft Java version 1.14, and is intended to be used in combination with Optifine and SEUS PTGI.

Screenshots & Video

Images provided through the author’s official pages


All credit goes to Umsoea for the creation of the texture pack, and of the images used. You can visit the author’s original texture pack pages at the following links:

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