The CreatorPack does many things right. Firstly, it doubles the resolution to 32x, which is considered by many to be the best resolution for a texture pack. Secondly, it has a big impact on the look of the game – transforming it into a much more vibrant and beautiful version of default Minecraft. Impressively, however, it does this without straying too far from the default game – in fact, it manages to largely follow the same designs and patterns for most blocks and items, therefore becoming an attractive “Faithful” alternative. It does a great job at enhancing the bright, vibrant and clean look of default – something a lot of packs in this category stray away from, by opting for more rustic styles – for example with Epic Adventures. Either approach could be ideal in different circumstances, but if you’re after a bright and vibrant look, then this pack is perfect.

In general, the CreatorPack strikes a perfect balance for those who like how Minecraft already looks, and want a better version of default – but who find Faithful to be too similar to default. This also means that CreatorPack will suit just about any type of Minecraft build or world, making it very versatile with broad appeal. Ultimately you can’t go wrong with this pack, and it comes highly recommended.

CreatorPack supports Minecraft Java versions ranging from 1.14 to 1.18, and also has a Bedrock version available for purchase.

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