Want to refresh the look of Minecraft – adding much more detail and clarity – yet without losing the iconic Minecraft feel or the recognizable block and item designs? It wasn’t too long ago that the famous Faithful texture pack would have been your best bet, but there’s a new kid on the block: Compliance. This exciting pack was actually developed by some of the team members behind Faithful, in response to controversies and allegations surrounding the development of the Faithful texture pack. This new take on what upscaled default textures should be has some exciting benefits when compared to its older relative.

Faithful has been a staple of the Minecraft community since the early days, and this pack has exactly the same appeal: simply taking the default textures, and making them higher resolution – without rethinking the look of the game or adding new stylistic twists. It’s a simple and elegant concept, but clearly one with broad appeal.

So, how do Faithful and Compliance compare? To put it simply, the textures themselves between the two packs are extremely similar – they have the same goal and execute this goal very similarly. The main differences tend to be that Faithful has slightly smoother textures – but you won’t notice much difference unless comparing side-by-side. That said, Compliance has some advantages. For one, Faithful’s 64x version is still a work in progress, while compliance has a full-features 64x version – so you have more choice. Compliance also has some optional add-on packs – such as autumn foliage, 3D dripstone, and many other minor tweaks – which are a nice touch. Additionally, it’s free and open source, which is always appreciated.

Compliance supports Minecraft Bedrock/PE and Java versions ranging from 1.16 to 1.18.


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