The Patrix resource pack is the best resource pack you can get for Minecraft. At least, if it’s a medieval, rustic or photorealistic experience you’re going for. This is a bold claim, but once you see this texture pack action, it’s a hard statement to refute. While most packs set out to coat the game in a fresh coat of paint, Patrix effectively tears down the game’s fundamental visuals and rebuilds them from the ground up – and the result is simply stunning. In a lot of cases, it makes Minecraft look like a AAA game.

How does the Patrix texture pack manage to distinguish itself from other realistic texture packs? Primarily, it manages to completely rethink every single block and item in the game, making for a full and cohesive experience – as opposed to most realistic texture packs, which only cover a small portion of Minecraft’s blocks. Secondly, it uses 3D block models to dramatically increase the realism and immersion of various aspects of the game, including foliage. Additional 3D models can be added through add-ons to the pack. In addition, it has alternating and connecting textures, which remove the tiled appearance that you usually get from texture packs. Its bump and specular maps are also incredibly high-quality, giving the textures a uniquely tangible appearance when paired with shaders.

Is there a catch? Well, it depends. You can only get access to the high resolution version of this pack through the author’s Patreon – but with prices starting from only $1, it’s more than a fair price. If you’re unable to support the author, however, they have also provided a downscaled 32x demo version of the pack for free. This version looks almost as good as the high resolution – and what it lacks in realism compared to HD versions, it gains in a more “Minecraft-y” feel due to its pixelation. It’s not unreasonable that some may prefer this version. Other downsides include the lack of mob textures – although in fairness, mob textures tend not to look too good in realistic high resolution texture packs anyway. It’s also built with shaders in mind, meaning that the sky and water will look like default if used without one.

The author recommends to use the texture pack with the SEUS PTGI shader pack; however, if your computer is incapable of running such intensive shaders, we have found it to look good with other shaders as well. Unfortunately it really isn’t designed to be used without shaders. This means that some things (including water, sand and snow) won’t look quite right if used without shaders.

This pack is undoubtedly a must-have – whether you’re only able to download the trial 32x version, or if you’re able to support the creator to gain access to the stunning 128x and 256x versions, it comes at the top of our recommendation.

Patrix supports Minecraft Java Edition version 1.18.


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