Unity takes a unique approach to the increasingly popular “improved default” category of texture packs. While many aim to gain popularity through increased resolution, 3D blocks, or alternating textures, Unity takes a much more simple approach: make the textures themselves look great. All while maintaining the same base resolution, and keeping closely in-line with the default textures. So much so that one might even mistake it for default at first glance – albeit a much nicer looking, more naturalistic default. It does this by adding much more complex shading, without limiting itself to a constrained color pallet per block like the default art style does.

The art style of this pack gives the game a slightly darker, “rough around the edges” look, as opposed to default’s brighter and cleaner look. This particularly lends itself well to natural or rustic builds. That’s not to say it can’t be used for other build styles – by being so close to default, it will look good (and likely better) with just about anything that already looked good in default.

Undoubtedly, this pack is built for people who like the way Minecraft already looks, but want slightly more detailed and rustic blocks with much more depth. Unity also has extensive mod support, so this a go-to pack especially if you don’t run vanilla Minecraft. The main benefit to using a mod-supported pack being that all textures, both default and modded, have more unity – hence the name of this pack. Overall this pack comes highly recommended.

Unity supports Minecraft Java versions ranging from 1.14 to 1.16.


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All credit goes to theCyanideX and other contributors for the creation of the texture pack, and of the images used. You can visit the author’s original texture pack pages at the following links:

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