For over a decade now, Soartex has been one of the most complete and polished packages when it comes to modern texture packs. It gives the world a distinctly smooth, clean look – perfect for modern builds, or for anyone who prefers a clean appearance without the distraction of unnecessary visual noise and detail. Despite being relatively high resolution at 64x, Soartex doesn’t aim to be realistic – rather, its modern aesthetic is very stylized, with sharp edges and clean shapes.

Despite the demand for modern visuals, there are surprisingly few complete packs which fit this genre – most lack many important textures, or have not been updated for a very long time. Unfortunately, Soartex has not been updated since Minecraft 1.16 – but when using with 1.16, it’s the real deal, with every texture accounted for – giving a cohesive and immersive experience. Even in newer Minecraft versions, there are few enough texture missing that it doesn’t degrade the experience.

The original Soartex texture pack stopped being updated long ago – and in its place, two continuations from the community arose: Soartex Fanver, which is very faithful to the original, only aiming to update to support newer game versions – and Invictus, which keeps the general aesthetic, but aims to improve it with 3D models, texture variation, and various other small improvements. They are both very similar, and it’s up to you which you prefer. Regardless of which one you choose, it comes highly recommended for the modern Minecraft aesthetic.


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All credit goes to Soartex and the rest of the Soartex Fanver & Invictus contributors for the creation of the texture pack, and of the images used. You can visit the author’s original texture pack pages at the following links:

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